Jo Beverley

Most of us have our favorite authors. One of mine is Jo Beverley. I don’t think Jo knows how to write a bad book, a bad scene, or even a bad sentence. When I read her books, they always end just the way I’m hoping they do, although with some twists I didn’t expect.

In some books I come to parts where I just skim. I never do that in Jo’s books. Each word, each sentence, each scene is important. And each of them is interesting and fun to read. I am currently reading An Unlikely Countess and it is living up to all my expectations–and more. There is one scene where the hero is trying to decide which pair of socks to wear. Now that doesn’t sound like something to put into a book. But there I was agonizing over his choice with him, hoping he’d choose a certain pair, and he did, much to my relief. That scene was not just thrown in on a whimsy. There was a real purpose to it. His choice was important for the rest of the book. Yes, a simple pair of socks. But that’s Jo Beverley.

Sometimes it’s hard to hold back. I want to read quickly, to find out how it all turns out. But at the same time, I want to read slowly, to savor every line, every emotion, every action.

I’ve met Jo a couple of times at conferences and interacted with her in online writers loops. I am happy to say that I have found her to be just a wonderful as her books. Sweet and always willing to help  out a fellow author with questions.

Are there any Jo Beverley fans out there? Which of her books is your favorite?


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