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I have had a lot of guest bloggers during November, and I want to thank each of them for being here!  What fun it was!  Now I’m doing a review of this great book I just finished reading.

I love reading a book that breaks some of my rules and wins me over.  By “my rules” I mean things in books that I normally don’t like.  Kresley Cole does just that in her book, Dreams of a Dark Warrior, one of her Immortals After Dark series.

It is a paranormal and I was strangely drawn to the book in the first place.  I picked it up, read the cover, put it down, walked away.  But I kept thinking about it and had to go back and get it.

It “reads well.”  The writing is good and flows smoothly, I was drawn into the story immediately, and then…Kresley skips a lot of what I thought I was going to get to read.  Aaagh!  That was a teaser, but I didn’t know it at the time.

I continued to read and that’s when she did something else I normally hate.  She filled the book with flashbacks.  To me, a flashback halts the story to go back and fill in something while I wait impatiently to get on with the story.  I have used flashbacks in my own writing, but not a lot.  Kresley has a lot of them.  And I savored every one.  Here were the missing pieces she left out at the beginning.  And now I saw that she was wise to skip them and feed them back to me piecemeal.  They didn’t slow the story down a bit.  And that surprised me.  No, each flashback urged the story forward.  There were things in each flashback that impelled the story line ahead.  Wow, I thought, this is great writing!

Another thing Kresley did that I normally hate was to make her heroine too “sassy” for my taste.  She was mouthy and sometimes a bit coarse-mouthed.  And usually I just hate that in a heroine.  But for Regin, it fit.  I enjoyed her turns of phrase.  I loved her pithy comments.  I laughed over her similes and metaphors.  This is who Regin is.  She would not have been such a great character otherwise.

So, Kresley, I salute you.  You broke some of my “rules” and not only got away with it, you made me love the book because of it.

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