Tea and Taxes

Linda Gondosch knows kids.  She’s been a kid, she’s raised kids, she has grandkids, she’s taught kids, and she’s written several books for kids.  One of those books,WHO NEEDS A BRATTY BROTHER?  won the Kentucky Bluegrass Award, a children’s choice award.  So when Linda signed a contract to write a history book for children, she knew just what to do to make it not only interesting and informative, but lots of fun.

HOW DID TEA AND TAXES SPARK A REVOLUTION? is the story of the Boston Tea Party, which took place in 1773.  But the book isn’t just another dry rehash of the information we all learned, and mostly forgot.  The book gets kids involved in the story by asking six questions and leading them to the answers.

The book is peppered with quotes, pictures, and letters from the time of the actual Tea Party along with an explanation that these are primary sources.  Pictures of modern cell phones with GPS maps, pictures, and questions on their screens bring history alive for a generation comfortably familiar with technology.  There is a timeline and a list of web sites and books for further learning.

At the end of most history books are questions to answer to ensure the student has learned what they should.  Yawn.  Boring!  In Linda’s book the questions at the end really get the student involved.  They put the kid into the story of the Tea Party as a participant.  “Why did you join the Sons of Liberty?  What are the dangers involved?” and so on.

Although HOW DID TEA AND TAXES SPARK A REVOLUTION? is aimed at librarians and teachers for use in school, the book is so interesting and informative, it would be a good tool for any student to use.  This well researched book would be fun reading for most kids as well as for adults who want a quick, easy reference to that event.

This is Linda’s first non-fiction book and she said that it was a lot more work than writing fiction.  But she did put in that work and a lot of time and effort to make this book just the right mix of fun and facts.  There are a lot of little side bars of information, explanations, and definitions of unfamiliar words.  Some of the sidebars are quotes from famous people or pictures of actual newspapers and documents from the time.  Some of the sidebars are mini biographies of the famous people involved with the Tea Party such as Paul Revere and John Adams.

Linda Gondosch grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, but lived in Lawrenceburg, IN for over 20 years, raising her four children there.  Her children’s books were inspired by her own childhood exploits and by watching the things her children did growing up in Dearborn County.  She now lives nearby in Hebron, KY.

Linda enjoys being with kids and said, “One of the fun things about being a writer is the opportunity it gives me to visit schools and talk to children about my books.”  She enjoys visiting schools to talk to students, show them her books, and give them pointers for writing their own stories.  Linda is available for school visits and can be contacted via her web site at lindagondosch.com.

Linda’s book, HOW DID TEA AND TAXES SPARK A REVOLUTION? is available from Amazon.com, Borders.com, and from the publisher at Lernerbooks.com.  Lerner is putting out a whole series of books on American history for young people and Linda has already written a second book in this series.  It is about the Louis and Clark Expedition and is titled, WHERE DID SACAGAWEA JOIN THE CORPS OF DISCOVERY?  AND OTHER QUESTIONS ABOUT THE LEWIS AND CLARK EXPEDITION. This book is also from Lerner and follows the same interactive format as TEA AND TAXES. You can check out Linda’s web site for more information about her and her books at LindaGondosch.com


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