One man against a secret society of time travelers–and the woman he loves.

In a romance, a lot of the tension comes from the author finding ways to make it difficult for the hero and heroine to get together at the end.  But at last, love triumphs!

In TIME’S ENEMY, by Jennette Marie Powell, I was beginning to think she had thrown so many impediments in the way, it was going to be not just difficult, but impossible for Tony and Charlotte to ever find their way to a happily ever after. So I just had to keep reading.

TIME’S ENEMY is set in Dayton, OH, Jennette’s home town.  Tony bounces around in the present, 1913, and 1933 Dayton.  Jennette has done her homework well, describing the city in each of those eras that shows a love of her home.  She describes the flood of 1913, a major event in Dayton’s history, which, of course, affects her characters.  Tony realizes that Charlotte’s 1933 home doesn’t exist in the present because of the construction of I-75.  He reads a newspaper in 1933 that is no longer printed.  There are so many little historical touches that I began to wonder if Jennette could describe them so well because she had slipped back into the past herself.

And then there is the Saturn Society, a time traveler support group that I’m still not sure whether to love or hate.  They help time travelers like Tony, but also keep such strict controls on him he finds himself in danger from them.  I guess I’ll have to read the next book in the series to find out more about them!  Thank goodness TIME’S FUGITIVE will be out in December!

For more information on Jenette’s books, go to her website at:  http://www.jenpowell.com

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  1. Wow, thanks so much for your kind words, Michele! I just found out that Dayton Metro Library is ordering several copies of the book, so hopefully others will enjoy the historical aspects of the book too. Now I need to get back to work on TF!