Zak Morgan

Kids love silly, nonsensical songs, and one person who knows this very well is Zak Morgan. Zak has written music and performed it for thousands of kids. Yes, his songs are funny and goofy, but they also come with important messages, “I Can Do It!” and “Believe in your gifts!” and “Look at the Wonder of Life!”

Zak includes everyone with his messages–even the school bullies. He feels that even those kids need love and understanding because something negative in their lives made them what they are. If they can also learn to look at the beauty around them and can accept themselves, they will be better people.

Zak puts on over 200 shows a year and kids don’t just sit and listen. They are fully engaged, singing along, doing hand movements, and answering questions. With music and magic and puppets, his shows encourage kids to use their imaginations and read books.

Zak’s 1999 debut Bloom still sounds fresh, When Bullfrogs Croak landed a Grammy nomination in 2004, and the latest, a concept CD by Zak and Dela is now available! The Candy Machine is a poetic concept album for the entire family, in which the precocious Suzy and her timid younger brother Joe embark on a selfish search for the elusive Island of Sugar, but discover the Golden Rule instead.

Zak’s CD’s  can be found by clicking HERE.

Or visit Zak’s website at




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5 Responses to Zak Morgan

  1. Kira says:

    Very nice article about Zak’s music! This really is the sort of music children should be listening to…and sometimes it’s nice for adults to stop and listen to the simple messages we tend to forget too!

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