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Conquest of the Heart

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Her people conquered his country. How can they overcome the distrust they feel to find love?Conquest-cover1000

Madeline wants a big, brash, never-defeated-in-battle, Norman knight. What she gets, by order of the king, is a wiry Saxon who once studied for the priesthood instead of warfare. But is this gentle man she has fallen in love with entangled in the rebellion now sweeping the land?

Ranulf wants to marry the girl next door. What he gets, by order of the king , is a lush, strong Norman woman who just might be a spy reporting his every move. He wants her in every way a man can possibly want a woman. But can he trust his heart to a woman who might have been sent to root out the struggle for freedom his people are engaged in?

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A Pirate’s Tale

Set on the Coast of Cornwall in 1720, A Pirate’s Tale is a short story of betrayal and revenge.

In 1720 along the Cornwall coast the captain has come back for vengeance—and for Bess. He was forced into piracy when he was framed for smuggling. Now pardoned, he has returned to confront his enemy and force a confession from him. And then there’s Bess–she’s been living with his enemy.

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Fortune’s Pride

As long as no one knows who Irish really is, she will be safe.  But Tyrus Fortune Seems determined to uncover all her secrets.  Can she fully love him without revealing her true self to him?  And if she does, will it also put him and his family in danger?

Tyrus Fortune returns home after two years determined to unmask the woman who has found her way into the hearts of his family.  He is sure she is a fraud–until he begins to fall in love with her.  Now he only wishes she will trust him with her secrets and her love so they can face the future together.

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Fortune’s Foe

Mariette Fortune knows her brother will die if she doesn’t rescue him–especially if the Spanish discover they hold captive the son of the infamous privateer, Sean Fortune.  But she didn’t count on falling in love with the man whose life depends on keeping the English prisoners from escaping.  Now she has to choose between them.

Alejandro de Silva knows there is more to the lovely Mestiza woman he has hired to keep his house…more than she will admit.  Regardless, he cannot help falling in love with her.  But he never dreams she is an English spy and that her presence in Spanish St. Augustine will put both their lives in deadly peril.

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What’s an impoverished aristocrat to do when a beautiful heiress asks him to marry her?

Katherine is an heiress who uses her shrewish tongue to keep fortune hunters away. But what is it about Lord Ashfair that leaves her speechless?

Although in need of money, Peter Monroe, Marquis of Ashfair, has resolved to restore his ravaged estates on his own. How can he convince Katherine that he wants her, not her money?

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My  publisher has gone out of business! They were great! But I will be self-publishing this story as soon as I can and then it will again be available.


Contemporary Romance

Mr. Right’s Baby

He wants to marry her for all the wrong reasons.  If she finds out what they are, she just might walk away forever…

Native American Adrian Wright wants to find his child.  Carly was put up for adoption without his knowledge or consent, and he is determined to get her back.  What he doesn’t count on is an unexpected attraction for her now widowed, adoptive mother, Katie Simmons.  But Adrian worries that the attraction he feels is more for his daughter than for Katie.  Even more worrisome is how Katie will react when she finds out that the man who has been courting her is her daughter’s natural father.  Will she think he only wants to marry her to get his daughter without a lengthy court battle?

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 Short Stories

The Christmas Pony is a short children’s Christmas story that can be enjoyed by adults as well.

My cover “model” is Don D, a horse owned by Mike and Connie Sedler.

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All she wanted was a little adventure before settling into a forced, loveless marriage. How could she have known just how far that adventure would take her?

All Marcia wanted was a little adventure followed by a bright and everlasting love. So now that she is being forced into an arranged marriage to an arrogant duke, who could blame her for choosing the lure of a secret admirer who sends her thoughtful gifts, cryptic notes, and gives her thrilling kisses in a dark garden? But is he asking too much when he offers a trip to Gretna Green? Or is it worth the risk to avoid a loveless marriage?

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My  publisher has gone out of business! They were great! But I will be self-publishing this story as soon as I can and then it will again be available.

Free Anthologies

Cats on the Keyboard is a free anthology of true cat stories, written by cat-loving historical romance writers. Enjoy the stories and take a look at the excerpts from each author’s book.  



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How I Met My Husband is an anthology of stories that originally appeared on my blog page.  My husband read some of them and said, “These should be in a book!”  So, with the permission of the authors, I collected the stories into this book, along with excerpts from our books.

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Many thanks to Jennette Marie Powell for creating the cover image as well as for a lot of other help she gave me in producing this book.






Fortune’s Mistress
Fortune’s Son

My first two books from Leisure.  These are now out of print but can sometimes be found in used book stores or on line.

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