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I’m not much of a fan of Zombies, but Shelli’s book sounds intriguing! This one could change my mind!

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Hi Michele, and thanks so much for having me over to visit. I’m really excited about my new release, Love Reawakened, which is … wait for… zombie themed. I know, right? You think zombies and it’s more ick than mmmmh, especially when it comes to a romance. Well, thankfully, the story doesn’t have a zombie love interest, but a cute, sassy witch and a rather drool-worthy necromancer, and while I’m normally a complete and utter horror wuss then when these characters came to me I knew I just had to write their story. (Or maybe it was the fact they gave me no peace until I did, one of the two lol). Some of my favourite reviews from it so far are those that start with, ‘I’m not normally into zombies, but…’ – I would like to think it’s a zombie story for people like me, who hide behind the couch at horror movies.

It’s got magic, action, romance and a zombie cat called Mittens (hey, he doesn’t shed, maybe it’ll catch on), so something for everyone. I really hope you check it out.

Cemetery in a foggy full moon night


For Emma Strachan, raising zombies is all in a day’s work. A girl has to pay the bills somehow! But when what should be a simple raising goes horribly wrong, Emma is forced to ask for help from the one man she swore never to see again.

Garret is used to being a loner, as a necromancer he works best that way and frankly, with the dangers he faces every day, it’s easier not to have to look out for anyone else. When Emma shows up on his doorstep desperate for help, he vows to ignore the raging attraction between them – after all a pretty, fun-loving witch has no place in his world.

Can Emma and Garret put aside old resentments in order to try and defeat a zombie unlike anything they have seen before? When the dust settles, can they count on any future between them?


“Why?” he muttered. “Really, you couldn’t think of anyone else?” He opened his eyes to Emma standing over him, hands on hips and glaring.

“Oh, silly me! When you were lying on the ground unconscious and covered in blood with a life-threatening zombie bite, I should have scrolled through my address book to find someone you would approve of! Next time I’ll goddamn leave you there!”

Tears glistened in her eyes, and the guilt reared up again. Damn, he could be a real arse sometimes. He reached out for her hand, tugging lightly so she sat down on the edge of the bed, albeit with bad grace.

“I’m sorry, honey. I know you only did what you thought was right at the time. It’s just a bit of a shock seeing him again.”

Her gaze softened a little. “He does love you, you know. Why else would he drop everything to come and save your sorry ass?”

“So he could hold it over me for evermore?” he suggested glumly.

She sighed. “I’m sure that’s not the case, but either way, you’re alive. So surely it’s worth it?”

He supposed it had to be. He stroked his thumb over the back of her hand, the softness and warmth of her skin soothing him.

She smiled down at him. “Besides, if you’re talking about owing people, don’t I get anything for helping keep you alive back there?”

He grinned at her. “Nice try, honey. If I remember rightly, I got injured by your zombie, while saving your arse. So if anything, you should owe me.”

She leaned forwards, a wicked glint in her eyes that sent blood pooling to certain areas.

“Is that so?” she whispered, her lips a breath away from his. “I kinda liked the idea of you owing me.”

He swallowed. “Oh yeah? And what would you want in payment?”

She closed the distance between them, crushing her lips to his, and he groaned as the world dropped away.

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