Housework vs. Writing and Art

I hate housework.  I hate to dust, and straighten, and especially—vacuum.  I guess I hate vacuuming the most because I have to straighten and dust before I do it so it involves all three.

When I was a kid, my chores were to do the dishes after supper every night, clean the bathroom, and keep my room clean.  To this day, I don’t mind cleaning bathrooms or doing dishes.

I was talking to my mom one day and she told me that the jobs SHE hated were dishes and bathrooms but she didn’t mind vacuuming.  Well, that explains a lot, doesn’t it?

Now my own daughter doesn’t mind vacuuming but absolutely detests doing dishes.  Guess what job she did at home most often?

I guess the thing I hate most about housework is that it never, never, ever gets done.  You vacuum today, and in a few days you have to do it again.  I don’t have to write a book over.  Or paint a picture over.  Once they are done, they are DONE.

It did make it easier when I realized that housework is a lot like brushing your teeth.  You never get that done, either.  Like housework, it is just something you DO, but never get done.

What housecleaning chore do you hate the most?  Mind the least?


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2 Responses to Housework vs. Writing and Art

  1. cindy crofoot says:

    Hi Michele,
    I was planning to read your “Charlie Charles” interview and found this interesting little story and question you posed. I don’t mind cleaning the bathroom. I had to do it weekly as a kid and I love a sparkling clean bathroom. Putting laundry away is my least favorite task. This old house has such limited closet space that I can never do it easily.

  2. Shana Stegman says:

    I agree with hatting to put the laundry away. I love putting dirty clothes in the washer, putting the clean laundry in the dryer and then having it come out warm and fluffy. I enjoy that for maybe 10 minutes. Then I throw the clothes in the corner and think every time that they will magically put themselves away. Sadly, that hasn’t happened yet. And mom, I don’t know if it was me you were talking about when it comes to vacuuming, but I definitely don’t mind it that much. And I think that is because it made me happy to do it for you when I was little because I knew you hated it so much. So now every time I vacuum, even in my own house I feel happy like you would be proud of me or something. And I always thing of you! So, yes, I will vacuum for you when I come visit in a few days…and even dust….and maybe even straighten :)