The Grunge Factor

I noticed that my husband’s hair was sticking up in a couple of places at breakfast. Jokingly he said, “Isn’t that the style now?”

“Well, maybe, but it isn’t dirty looking and you don’t have a three day beard.”

That’s the grunge factor. I see otherwise good looking guys with this head of hair that looks like it is greasy and dirty sticking up all over the place. Then there is that scruffy beard. Add in torn (but very expensive) jeans, and a ripped T-shirt and this is supposed to be attractive?

Sigh. I guess I’m getting old. That look just doesn’t appeal to me. And I wonder why it seems to appeal to a lot of women. Is that beard supposed to show just how much of a man he is? Sort of like the Capital One ad with the beard growing contest? A real man’s beard grows so much and so fast, shaving once a day just can’t keep up with it?

The hair? Is that supposed to look sexily rumpled like he just got out of a romp in bed?

How about long hair on guys? If it’s clean and looks good on him, I’m all for it. Think Rodney A. Grant in Dances With Wolves!

A beard? Fine as long as it is clean. Trimmed is good, but I’ve seen busy beards that look fine, too.

And the torn clothes? Maybe that is supposed to mean he works hard?

Sorry, I just don’t appreciate the grunge factor. I guess the key for me is clean. Maybe the grunge look can be just a look but the guy is still clean. But I still don’t like the look of greasy (or gel) hair! Didn’t like the old Brill Cream look either!

How about you? Do you like the grunge look or do you want your guy looking clean and neat with shiny hair?


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