What do you have too much of?

What do you have too much of? Or maybe I should say what would someone else say you have too much of? It’s that one thing (or two or three things) that you love so much, you just can’t get enough of.

My mother loved pretty towels. She had a closet full. Almost every time she went out, she bought more. And of course, most of them were folded neatly on the shelf and only a few of them actually got used. She finally put her foot down and quit buying them and started using them, but still, she loved those towels.

Shana, my younger daughter, loves tops. She must have hundreds. She came here for a nine day visit and I counted 37 tops when I helped her repack to go home.

For me it is kitchen gadgets like pasta machines, food processors, and knives. But that collection is limited by the lack of space in my kitchen.

Then there are socks. I love socks. Especially wool socks. But really, I don’t have too many. Just because I still had two or three pairs from last year that had not been opened yet doesn’t mean I have too many. Does it?

Oh, and jewelry! My sister had a sack of old jewelry she was getting rid of. Horrors! I grabbed it and have enjoyed wearing most of it. The rest was given to my daughter to take apart to make new jewelry.

But I guess the one thing I have a LOT of is books. Now I am collecting books on my iPad, and thankfully, that doesn’t clutter up the house. But now it is so easy for that TBR (to be read) pile to grow and grow!

So what do you have too much of? And how many books are in your TBR pile?


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