A Pirate’s Tale

A Pirate’s Tale is now available from Smashwords:  http://tinyurl.com/9mh5ldz and from Amazon: http://tinyurl.com/9emohg3.

I tried something different with this story. I have posted before about breaking the “rules of writing” and the rule I broke with this story is a big one.  Although it is a historical romance, the only point of view in the story is that of a minor character.

I love this cover. Jennette Marie Powell did a wonderful job on it. It really deserves a whole book, but all it gets is this very short story!

Here’s what the story is about:

A short story of betrayal and revenge.
In 1720 along the Cornwall coast the captain has come back for vengeance—and for Bess. He was forced into piracy when he was framed for smuggling. Now pardoned, he has returned to confront his enemy and force a confession from him. And then there’s Bess–she’s been living with his enemy.

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