Spring into Romance

I was delighted when Teresa Reasor asked me to be a part of this blog hop! She is an amazing person and writes wonderful books. She answers the same four questions on this hop as I am answering here today. Check out her writing process, the go on to the authors at the end of this blog who will be posting next week.

Teresa Reasor was born in Southeastern Kentucky, but grew up a Marine Corps brat. The love of reading instilled in her in Kindergarten at Parris Island, South Carolina made books her friends during the many transfers her father’s military career entailed. The transition from reading to writing came easily to her and she penned her first book in second grade. But it wasn’t until 2007 that her first published work was released.

After twenty-one years as an Art Teacher and ten years as a part time College Instructor, she’s now retired and living her dream as a full time Writer.

Her body of work includes both full-length novels and shorter pieces in many different genres, Military Romantic Suspense, Paranormal Romance, Historical Romance, Contemporary Romance and Children’s Books.

For more information about her and her books you can go to:

Amazon page: http://amzn.to/1j6OYPg

Websites- http://www.teresareasor.com

Blog- http://mymusesmusings.blogspot.com

Goodreads- http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/2308555.Teresa_J_Reasor

Google +- https://plus.google.com/u/0/103435441359053997705/posts

Here are my answers to the four blog questions:

What am I working on?

After finishing my Regency set romance, The Shrew That Tames, I decided to work on a story that has been in the back of my mind for many years–a western. I was driving along in Texas with my sister-in-law when we crossed a creek called Cibolo (sib-uh-lo) Creek. I thought that would be a wonderful book title and stored it away. I knew exactly how this book should begin. Now I have to figure out the rest of it.
How does my work differ from others of its

I love the unusual. So I try to make my stories unusual in some way. In Conquest of the Heart, which is set in 1067 Conquest England, my hero is English, one of the conquered. He’s also a virgin. The heroine, a Norman, has to seduce him.
Why do I write what I do?

I have always loved history, even as a small child. I majored in history in graduate school. And I love happily ever after endings. What do you get when you put those two together? Historical romance!
How does my writing process work?

Something sparks an idea. I play with that idea, asking myself, who are these people? Why are they in this situation? What is their backstory? Those questions lead to other questions and finally, I have a basic plot which I write down as a list of seven or eight plot points. Then I start writing. Although I know the whole story arc, sometimes I’m not sure what comes next. That’s when I have to plot from where I am to the next plot point on my list. I will do a little research at the beginning, just to be sure that my story fits the era and it will work historically. If I have to do more research, I do it as I go along. For instance, if my hero picks a flower for the heroine, I might have to find out what the native species were then and which one would be blooming at that time of year!

Don’t forget to check out the blogs of these wonderful authors:

Debbie Herbert

Debbie Herbert writes paranormal romance novels reflecting her belief that love, like magic, casts its own spell of enchantment. She’s always been fascinated by magic, romance and gothic stories.

Married and living in Alabama, she roots for the Crimson Tide football team. Unlike the mermaid characters in Siren’s Secret, she loves cats and has two spoiled feline companions. When not working on her upcoming books, Debbie enjoys recumbent bicycling with her husband as well as spending time with her two adult sons.

A past Maggie finalist in both Young Adult & Paranormal Romance, she’s a member of the Georgia Romance Writers of America. Debbie has a degree in English (Berry College, GA) and a master’s in Library Studies (University of Alabama).

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Gia Dawn

Here is a quick history of my story as a writer: After several deaths in the family and a health scare of my own, I quit writing back in 2008 after releasing several titles with Samhain Publishing. When my son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes–young adult onset–in May of this year, I did what any good mother would. Cried for several days and then went to check out the Brenda Novak Auction where I bid on, and won, a three chapter critique from Ellora’s Cave!! I pitched to the lovely Julie Naughton at the Readers and Writers weekend sponsored by Lori Foster and Duffy Brown in June, and voila, the Red Masks Series was born. The first in the series, A Taste of Winter, was released Nov, 2013 and the second in the series, Master of Silk was released March 2014.

To visit Gia’s website, click HERE.
Victoria Roder
Victoria Roder lives in Central Wisconsin with her husband and a house full of pets. She enjoys camping, hiking, shooting bow at targets and sitting by the fire. Victoria Roder is the author of paranormal thriller Haunting of Ingersull Penitentiary, action thriller Bolt Action, picture books An Important Job to Do: A Noah’s Ark Tale and What if A Zebra Had Triangles?, Middle Grade Adventures Sled Dog Tales and The Curse of King Ramesses II teen puzzle book and devotion Directions For Life and inspirational pocket book on forgiveness It’s Not You – It’s Them.

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7 Responses to Spring into Romance

  1. Gia Dawn says:

    Michele, I love the attention to detail in your historical novels, and the story about doing research for the flower above is very cool. Little things like that are what give your books a true feeling of authenticity.


  2. Hi Michele,

    I’m so looking forward to reading The Shrew That Tames – such an awesome title by the way. So you are a semi-pantster? Always fun to read others techniques.


    • Michele says:

      I guess that’s what I am! I’m the student who wrote the essay then wrote the outline!

  3. Enjoyed learning about your process to writing!

  4. Michele:
    Thank you for participating in this blog hop.
    We are more alike than you know. I can’t seem to stick to one genre either and have a never ending supply of ideas for future projects. And I too start with the spark of an idea for the hook and work from there.
    I don’t think I’ll ever grow tired of this writing gig. It doesn’t sound like you will either.
    Loved your blog!!