What works?

When I published my first book, I asked my editor what I could do to help promote it. She said, “Just write another book.”

How things have changed. Now many companies ask the author to present a marketing plan. They want their authors to have a presence on the internet such as Twitter, Facebook, and a website. It is up to the author how well her book does. Then there is the self publishing scene. The author is responsible for everything, not just marketing. You have to hire an editor and a cover artist and someone to format your book if you can’t do it all yourself.

Do you have bookmarks printed up or do you make trading cards? Do you order cases of water bottles imprinted with your book cover and website? Do you write blog after blog and find other authors and sites to host you? And do you give away copies of your book to create a “buzz?” Just how much are you willing to invest to make your book a success? And does any of it help? Or is just writing that next book enough?

I certainly don’t have the answer. I’m not sure anyone does. But I’d love to hear what you think. Please leave a comment and let me know.

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