Top 10 Reasons for liking Winter

I have never liked winter. I don’t like being cold, I don’t like being shut in, iced in, snowed in for 1/3 of the year. But this winter is going on so long, I thought I

should “count my blessings” and come up with some reasons to like winter. Or at least some things that make it tolerable just to keep me from going cabin/housebound/crazy.

1. I can wear wool. I love wool and winter is the best season to wear it.

2. I seldom see a bug in the house.

3. Snow really is beautiful. I know it keeps me shut in and when it is finally all done snowing I know I will have to help Ron shovel our 400 foot driveway. But for some perverse reason, every time it starts to fall, I feel an excitement. And if it isn’t too awfully cold, I love to walk in it. The trees look so lovely, too, with branches that are no longer bare. Redbirds stand out and really grab my attention against the white.

4. I don’t feel so guilty turning on the TV in the evening because it is dark and cold outside. In the summer, I feel I need to be outside taking advantage of the beautiful weather.

5. I like soup, which is perfect on a cold, winter day.

6. I love to bake, and in the winter it warms up the house and makes it feel–and smell–so cozy.

7. It is wonderful to snuggle up to our wood-burning stove with the glass front and watch the fire.

8. Having a cat on your lap is a wonderful way to keep wonderfully warm in the evening. Or just seeing one sleeping by the fire is nice.

9. I have lots of time to work on my hobbies because I can’t go anyplace anyway.

10. This one is for YOU to add!


So what can you add to the list? What’s something you love–or at least don’t mind–about winter?


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5 Responses to Top 10 Reasons for liking Winter

  1. Kira says:

    I like that it makes me appreciate every single nice day we have. Even by the end of summer I still enjoy every last second of warmth and sun.

  2. No weeds to pull! No Grass to mow!
    Wait, was that two reasons?

  3. Roberta Jackson says:

    Have you ever noticed the extreme silence of a night thickly blanketed with snow? Perfect peace, crisply invigorating, with the anticipation of the flowers, flinging back that blanket, jumping out from under it, and playing chase in the morning breeze of a new spring day.

  4. L.B.Shire says:

    In my neck of the woods it rarely snows, but I love to sit in the evening and hear the rain on the roof and the crackle of the fire. Perfect evenings for reading!

  5. Wendy Jeffus says:

    I can READ to my heart’s content without feeling guilty for staying in!