Six silly ways to save time for writing

I know I’m preaching to myself, but maybe some of you can find something useful here, too.

1.  Reduce the number of times you check sales of your books and novel rankings on Amazon from 923 times a day to once a day.

2.  Resist the urge to watch every cute cat, dog, and baby video someone posts to Facebook, especially if you’ve already watched it four times.

3.  When doing mindless work around the house, stop practicing your acceptance speech for the Rita and figure out that plot problem.

4.  Only allow yourself one break per hour instead of 17 to play Free Cell.  Okay. Maybe two.

5.  When you walk away from the computer, leave your word processing program and work in progress up on screen instead of switching to Facebook or e-mail.  When you come back, go directly to work. Do not pass Twitter, do not collect 200 more cute videos from Facebook.

6.  Do not open and read e-mails that you can simply delete, such as “theze pils cn wrk for u.”  And yes, even delete unread those e-mails from writer loops that are discussing a problem that does not really relate to you and you cannot help solve.

Can any of you relate to this?

Anyone have another one we can all use?


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2 Responses to Six silly ways to save time for writing

  1. I have to remind myself that I don’t need to read every message in Yahoo groups digests, or comment on every blog. But mainly, I skip TV.

  2. C.D. Hersh says:

    The email one gets me, too, as I belong to four online writing loops. I’m learning to delete the followups to all those questions I don’t need to know. TV is a big time sucker in the evening as we like to relax with our favorite shows. We have put a halt to watching new ones, though. That helps cut down on wasted time.