What Kind of Mouse are You?

We have had a mouse problem. Goodness! We usually get a mouse or two in the fall. We live in an 1840′s  log cabin on 46 acres. What else would we expect? But this year they just keep coming.

Now we love animals. Even insects. And we certainly don’t want to kill these cute little mice. So we live trap them with a product called Mice Cubes. They work better than any trap we’ve used. Ron sets the traps at night and in the morning he takes the mouse, along with a couple of crackers smeared with peanut butter, out in the woods and releases it.

The interesting thing is how each mouse reacts to capture. Sometimes, in the morning, we find the little mouse sound asleep. Just resting up for whatever is to come, I suppose. Sometimes we find them alert and a little scared. And sometimes, we hear it after it has been trapped, trying, and trying, and trying to get out of the trap. At times, we find the trap chewed on in its effort to escape.

So I was wondering, what kind of mouse am I? What kind are you? What about the characters we write? Do you give up and wait for whatever will happen to you next? Do you calmly accept your circumstances? Or do you keep fighting the war, even to the point of exhaustion, never giving up?

I think we would all like to see ourselves as that heroic little mouse that never gives up. That is certainly how we usually portray our heroes. But there are more characters in our books than just heroes. There are a lot of secondary characters who can be those other mice.

The amazing thing to me is that there is such a range of personalities in these little creatures. Just as there is in humans. And hopefully, in the characters we write.


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One Response to What Kind of Mouse are You?

  1. (sigh) I’m probably the mouse that tries for a while, but then is just resigned to its fate. Glad to see you use humane traps! I use Tip-traps, which sound similar to what you have. They are so much more effective than the old-school traps, or worse, glue pads!